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Roxanne Pienaar

Marketing Director


I’m a brand and marketing strategist with a passion for real estate. I’m so lucky that my passion for real estate and for brands got married when I joined the Ray White family. 

I’m a sharpshooter, fast-talker and techno-savvy millennial marketer, with an all-round knowledge of web development, digital advertising, and social media marketing. I’m fascinated with how brands evolve, how they are influenced by external factors and what drives people to make decisions based on brand behaviour. Bizarre as it may seem, marketing really spins my wheels. I have over 10 years of experience working internationally and locally in New Zealand. I’ve been privileged enough to work with global brands like Samsung, Vodafone, Avis, and Budget and Guess and with small business owners too.

With technology now playing a key part in real estate, I understand that it’s vital to take a technical, well-informed and strategic approach to communicate with our audience. I have a curious mind and thirst for knowledge and I’m constantly evolving my thinking and following marketing trends to stay abreast of the ever-changing industry. I’m dedicated to making sure that everything we do at Ray White turns to gold for our clients and for our licensed sales experts.

As a licensed real estate professional, I have a good understanding of how the real estate industry works and the dynamics of the market we operate within. I’m well-equipped to make informed real estate marketing decisions and I use this knowledge to execute campaigns that places Ray White at the forefront in Hawke’s Bay.

My experience over the years has enabled me to develop a range of skills from executing great campaigns, thoroughly understanding a brand, leveraging the power of PR, developing experiential campaigns, and ensuring we maximise sponsorships. Every day I’m striving for greatness. I live by the mantra “No problem is ever too big to find a solution and no challenge is too difficult to overcome”.

In my spare time, you’ll find me cruising the running trails or walking my amazing Golden Retriever, Riley

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